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Days until AD 2101, when war was beginning. Find out more here.
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What is RM2k?

RM2k is short for RPG Maker 2000. I bet you're thinking; "OH NOS HIROK WAHT SI YUO TAKLING ABOUT IS SI NOT KNWOS WAHT TEH RPG SI I SI SUHC TEH FOGET!11". An RPG is a Role-Playing Game. In RPG's, you play as a character, who you name in most games, and fight monsters and save people and stuff...Quite exciting.


RM2k is one of the greatest RPG Makers available today. It comes with a built-in battle system, but, if you're smart, you can use ones that other people have made, or make your own. You can create up to 5000 of your own characters, magic skills, items, monsters, attack elements, status changes, attack animations, and terrain styles, along with switches, used to manage events, variables, which represent resetable numbers, maps, and many more.


Now, if you're one of the FOGETS I described in the "What is RM2k?" section, you'll have to know that you can't just download RM2k and start using it straight away. You must download the main program files AND the RunTime package. Without the RTP, RM2k will completely booger up and say you must install it. So, download them both.

FileSize# Downloads
RM2K_105E 3,517KB No. of D/L'sD/L's 11,719KB No. of D/L'sD/L's